Heavenly Touch Preschool Program - A Lovely Space Where Children Grow At Their Pace

Heavenly Touch provides childcare for infants through Preschool ages (0-5)

and partners with The HUB,  a creative Enrichment Program,
to provide After Care for (K - 3rd) graders. 
Starting Fall 2014

 W  E     B  E  L  I  E  V  E
We believe children deserve quality, respectful, and thoughtful care.

We believe children are capable and competent.

We believe in creating environments that encourage: safe risk-taking, flow and creative thinking.

We believe children have the right to get messy – really messy!

We believe children are creative and loving beings.

We believe children should feel a sense of freedom, the same feeling so many adults experienced in their childhood.

We believe there should be a strong home school connection.

We believe parents are the experts on their children and we look forward to partnering with you to provide optimal care for your child!


Located in the beautiful
Oakmore Highlands District
To learn more, contact us today!
Lic# 013421468

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